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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 k. Check top surface of lower spring seat (25, FIGURE 3-8) for damage, refer to FIGURE 3-22. If damaged,    replace seat. FIGURE   3-22.   Lower   Spring   Seat l. Check camshaft (18, FIGURE 3-8) for damaged or worn cam surfaces, refer to FlGURE 3-23. Check thread damage and keyway groove on both ends. If damaged, replace camshaft. FIGURE  3-23.  Camshaft m.    Check  bearings  (20,  FIGURE  3-8)  for  rollers  deviating  from  inner  race  or  peeled,  damaged,  or  burnt  surfaces, refer to FIGURE 3-24. If found defective, refer to FIGURE 3-25 and replace defective bearings by pressing bearings from shaft and race from cover (17, FIGURE 3-8) or governor housing (17, FIGURE 3-7). 3-46


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