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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 3-11.4.3. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. lnjection Pump. Mount pump housing (19, FIGURE 3-8) in bracket (157944-7820) mounted on universal vise (157944-8520) Install four plunger barrels (37) so that locating pins in pump housing (19) mate with grooves in barrels (37). Ensure that barrels (37) cannot manually be rotated. N O T E If fuel injection pump is to be tested, leave springs (24), delivery valves (35), and gasket (36) out until prestroke test is complete. Position delivery valves (35) with new gaskets (36) on plunger barrels (37). Install four springs (34) and valve bodies (33) in pump housing. Tighten as follows: (1) Tighten to 21.7 ft-lbs (29.4 Nm). (2) Loosen to zero torque. (3) Retighten to 21.7 ft-lbs (29.4 Nm). (4) Loosen to zero torque. (5) Finally tighten to 25.3 ft-lbs (34.3 Nm). Install control rack (39) in pump housing. Install measuring device (1057826280) on nipple (45). Use measuring device to position control rack (39) at center of travel. Install lock screw (38) in guide screw hole to lock control rack (39). Remove measuring device. Lay pump housing over on its side. If removed, position sleeve pinion (30) on cylinder sleeve (29) so that scribed marks (from disassembly) are aligned. Tighten screw (31) to 26.5 in-lbs (3.0 Nm). Install cylinder sleeve (29) with split in sleeve pinion (30) facing upward. Install guide screw (38) into back of pump housing. Ensure control rack (39) moves smoothly. 3-50


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