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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 N O T E Refer to FIGURE D-1, Appendix D to manufacture tappet holders. n. Hold  tappet  (23,  FIGURE  3-8)  with  clamp  (157931-6120).  Align  tappet  guide  with  pump  housing  guide  groove and insert tappet (23) and spacer ring (26) through camshaft opening, refer to FIGURE 3-30. FIGURE   3-30.   Inserting   Tappet o. Using  tappet  installer  (157921-0120)  through  bottom  plug  hole,  push  tappet  (23,  FIGURE  3-8)  upwards,  align- ing plunger flange with groove of cylinder sleeve (29). p. When,  by  pushing  upward  on  tappet  (23),  plunger  (24)  is  completely  inserted  into  plunger  barrel  (37)  and  cylin- der sleeve (29); insert tappet holder (FIGURE D-1, Appendix D) into small hole on tappet (23) body. q. If removed, install rings (22), shims (21), and bearings (20) on each end of camshaft (18). N O T E Code number (camshaft assembly mark) will be located on one end of camshaft  indicating  governor  end. 3-52


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