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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 ae. Refer to end item maintenance manual and install governor mechanism. af. Install two plate assemblies (32) to valve bodies (33). Tighten screw 36 in-lbs (4.1 Nm). ag. Perform fuel injection pump test, refer to paragraph 3-11.5. ah. Position new preformed packing (11, FIGURE 3-7) and feed pump (10) on pump housing and secure with three new lockwashers (9) and nuts (8). ai. Position cover (13, FIGURE 3-8) with new gasket (14) on side of pump housing and secure with two new gaskets (12) and screws (11). aj. Position  bracket  (8)  and  new  gasket  (10)  on  drive  end  of  housing  and  secure  with  four  washers  (7),  new  lock- washers (6), and nuts (5). ak. Install timer assembly on camshaft and secure with new lockwasher (6, FIGURE 3-7) and nut (5). Attach spanner (157916-5320) to timer assembly to hold it while tightening nut (5) to 45 ft-lbs (61 Nm). 3-11.5.  Testing. a. If pump was not disassembled for cleaning and inspection, refer to paragraph 3-11.2.2 steps a thru d. b. If  not  already  installed,  attach  coupling  (157842-4420)  to  camshaft  and  hold  coupling  using  spanner  (157916- 5420). Tighten nut on coupling using socket wrench. c. If not removed, remove feed pump, paragraph 3-11.2.2, step h. d. If not removed, remove cover (13, FIGURE 3-8). e. Remove pump from soft-jawed vice and mount pump on test stand. N O T E Refer to TABLE 3-1 for a listing of fuel pump test specifications. f. Remove delivery valve bodies (33), springs (34), gaskets (36), and valves (35). Reinstall delivery valve bo- dies. 3-54


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