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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 3-13.2.  Adjustment  Procedure. a. Align timing pointer at timing gear case and middle (18 degrees) injection timing notch line on crankshaft pulley. b. Disconnect injection pipe from delivery valve No. 1. Cap openings. c. Remove No. 1 plate assembly (32, FIGURE 3-8), valve body (33), spring (34), gasket (36), and valve (35). refer to paragraph 3-11.2.2. d. Install valve body (33) and tighten to 31 ft-lbs (42.0 Nm). Take  care  to  avoid  entry  of  dirt  or  foreign  particles  in  fuel  injection  pump while delivery valve is removed. Otherwise, damage to pump could oc- cur. e. Hold fuel control lever to full fuel position. N O T E Injection timing adjustment is done by pivoting injection pump at drive shaft.  Pivot  pump  body  toward  outside  of  engine  to  advance  timing.  Piv- ot pump body toward inside of engine to retard timing. f. Disconnect other injection pipes at delivery valves to allow pump to pivot easily. Cap openings. g. Loosen four nuts (5) mounting pump and pivot pump body. N O T E Movement  of  0.04  in.  (1.0  mm)  corresponds  to  approximately  2  degrees in crank angle. h. Operate priming pump to allow fuel to flow from No. 1 delivery valve. 3-67


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