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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 3-15.3.   Testing. a. Tag, disconnect, and remove oil pressure sending unit, if supplied. b. Install oil pressure gage (0-150 psi). c. Start engine and check oil pressure relief valve opening. Valve should open between 82.5 to 88.2 psi (568 to 608 kPa). d. Replace oil pressure relief valve if valve fails to open as specified above. e. Remove  oil  pressure  gage  and  install  oil  pressure  sending  unit  (if  supplied).  Connect  electrical connection and remove tag. 3-15.4.  Installation. a. If  removed,  install  plug  (7)  with  new  seal  (8).  Torque  plug  between  18.1  to  25.3  ft-lbs  (24.5  to 34.3  Nm). b. Install oil pressure relief valve (5) and o-ring (6). Torque relief valve between 18.1 to 25.3 ft-lbs (24.5 to 34.3 Nm) c. Service lubrication system, refer to end item maintenance manual. d. Operate engine and check for leakage. 3-16.   OIL   PIPING. 3-16.1.  Removal. a. Drain lubrication system, refer to end item maintenance manual. b. Remove fluid passage bolt (1, FIGURE 3-39) securing valve rocker oil feed pipe (3). Remove pipe and two gaskets (2). Discard gaskets (2). c. Remove two fluid passage bolts (4) and bolt (6) securing fuel injection pump oil pipe (7). Remove pipe and four gaskets (5). Discard gaskets (5). Change 2    3-71


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