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ARMY  TM  9-2815-254-24P AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-4 3 EXPLANATION  OF  COLUMNS  (SECTIONS  II  AND  III)  -  (Continued) Code Application/Explanation O -Organizational   or   (aviation   unit)   is   the   lowest   level   that   can   do complete   repair   of   the   item. F -Direct   support   or   aviation   intermediate   is   the   lowest   level   that can   do   complete   repair   of   the   item. H General   support   is   the   lowest   level   that   can   do   complete   repair of  the  item. L -Specialized   repair   activity   (designate   the   specialized   repair activity)   is   the   lowest   level   that   can   do   complete   repair   of   the   item D Depot   is   the   lowest   level   that   can   do   complete   repair   of   the   item Z -Nonrepairable.   No   repair   is   authorized. B No   repair   is   authorized   .(No   parts   or   special   tools   are   authorized   for the   maintenance   of   a   "B"   coded   item)   However,   the   item   may   be reconditioned   by   adjusting.   lubricating   etc.   at   the   user   level. (3)    Recoverability    Code.    Recoverability    codes    are    assigned        to    items    to    indicate    the    disposition    action    on unserviceable   items.   The   recoverability   code   is   entered   in   the   5th   position   of   the   SMR   Code   as   follows: Recoverability Codes Application/Explanation Z -Nonrepairable   item.   When   unserviceable,   condemn   and dispose   of   the   item   at   the   level   of   maintenance   shown   in   3rd position   of   SMR   Code O Repairable  item.  When  uneconomically  repairable,  condemn and dispose of the item at organizational or aviation unit level. 5


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