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ARMY   TM   9-2815-254-24P AIR  FORCE  TO  38G1-94-4 3 EXPLANATION  OF  COLUMNS  (SECTION  II  AND  III)  -  (Continued) F -Repairable    item.    When    uneconomically    repairable,    condemn and   dispose   of   the   item   at   the   direct   support   or   aviation intermediate    level. H -Repairable    item.    When    uneconomically    repairable,    condemn and   dispose   of   the   item   at   the   general   support   level. D -Repairable   item.   When   beyond   lower   level   repair   capability, return   to   depot.   Condemnation   and   disposal   of   item   not authorized    below    depot    level. L -Repairable   item.   Condemnation   and   disposal   not   authorized below   specialized   repair   activity   (SRA). A -Item   requires   special   handling   or   condemnation   procedures because   of   specific   reasons   (e.g.,   precious   metal   content,   high dollar   value,   critical   material,   or   hazardous   material).   Refer   to appropriate   manuals/directives   for   specific   instructions. c. FSCM   (Column   (3)).   The   Federal   Supply   Code   for   Manufacturer   (FSCM)   is   a   5-digit   numeric   code   which is   used   to   identify   the   manufacturer,   distributor,   or   Government   agency,   etc.,   that   supplies   the   item. d.   PART   NUMBER   (Column   (4)).   Indicates   the   primary   number   used   by   the   manufacturer   (individual, company,   firm,   corporation,.   or   Government   activity),   which   controls   the   design   and   characteristics   of   the   item   by   means of   its   engineering   drawings,   specifications   standards,   and   inspection   requirements   to   identify   an   item   or   range   of   items. NOTE: When  you  use  a  NSN  to  requisition  an  item,  the  item  you  receive  may  have  a  different  part  number  from the   part   ordered. 6


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