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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 FIGURE 3-90.  Installing Pilot Tube Seal (Typical) 3-27.7.  Testing. 3-27.7.1  Special Test Bench Requirements. Any  test  is  only  as  good  as  testing  equipment  employed.    Incorporation  of  quality  test  equipment  and  adherence  to specifications and following test procedures will reduce testing inaccuracies to a minimum. a. A calibrating nozzle is required to test pump.  Be sure to use only type nozzle called for in TABLE 3-4.  Use of SAE/150 or if ice plate nozzle is described in SAE recommended practices J968C and J969B. b. Refer to TABLE 3-4 for length and ID of injection lines. c. Guidelines  for  calibrating  oil  are  listed  in  SAE  Recommended  Practice  J969b.    Oil  should  be  changed  every three  months  or  after  testing  200  pumps,  whichever  comes  first.    Oil  temperature  in  test  bench  must  be maintained  within  110  to  115°F  (43.3  to  46.1  °C).    Temperature  reading  should  be  taken  as  close  to  inlet  as possible.  Test bench should be equipped to maintain this temperature. d. Test bench coupling should be of self-aligning, zero backlash type.  Install drive hub (67-3303).  Mount and drive injection pump in accordance with test bench manufacturer's instructions. 3-27.7.2  General Test Procedure. a. Install applicable transfer pump inlet connector, using two wrenches so pump outlet fitting does not get moved at same time. b. Remove  locking  screw  (2,  FIGURE  3-52),  retaining  plate  (3),  and  screw  (4).    Install  transfer  pressure  gage connector (21900).  Install a shutoff valve to isolate gage when not in use.  Connect a pressure gage to shutoff valve. c. Remove timing line cover and install cam movement readout device (23745). NOTE Rotation is clockwise when viewed from drive end. d. Energize  electric  shutoff  device  with  24  VDC  at  lowest  speed.    Move  pump  throttle  lever  to  full  load  position. When  transfer  pump  is  primed,  allow  fuel  to  bleed  for  several  seconds  from  loosened  injection  line  nuts  at nozzles.  After bleeding, tighten nuts securely. 3-115


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