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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 TABLE 3-4.  Fuel Injection Pump Specifications - continued 11. Special Notes: a. Torque all fasteners. b. Assemble throttle lever in B4-L position. c. Install shut-off arm in L1-L position. d. Check electric shut-off. e. Test bench transfer pump pressure valve should be closed except when making pressure checks. f. Adjust speed droop. g. Seal fasteners. LEGEND WOT -  Wide Open Throttle ESO -  Electric Shut Off ETR - Energized To Run NOP - Nozzle Opening Pressure TIR - Total Indicator Reading TP - Transfer Pump CAUTION Never  back  out  low  idle  screw  or  disengagement  of  throttle  lever  from  guide  bushing  could result. o. Adjust low idle screw to correct low idle delivery. p. Check cam position at specified points in speed range.  Adjust trimmer screw (64, FIGURE 3-45), as required, to obtain proper advance operation.  Each line on cam movement readout device (23745) equals 1/4 pump degree. After setting advance, check to see that cam returns to its initial position at zero (0) rpm.  Recheck transfer pump pressure after setting advance and correct if necessary. q. Record fuel delivery at check points shown in TABLE 3-4.  Roller settings should not be adjusted on test bench. Use of a micrometer and dial indicator settings provide more consistent, accurate results in performance. r. Check governor cutoff at specified speed. s. Check electric shutoff at speeds indicated in TABLE 3-4. t. Remove pump from test stand and assemble all sealing wires. 3-27.8.  Installation. CAUTION If  the  injection  pump  drive  gear  was  removed  from  engine,  it  must  be  timed  when  reinstalled. Refer to paragraph 328.. NOTE Time injection pump by locking No. 1 cylinder at TDC compression stroke, and align timing mark on  pump  cam  ring  with  mark  on  governor  weight  retainer  and/or  align  timing  marks  on  pump flange with reference mark on front plate. 3-120


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