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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 b. Apply a light coating of sealing compound (MIL-R-46082) retaining sealant completely around the leading edge of crankshaft flange.  Wipe away any sealant that may have gotten on seal housing bore. c. Install pilot from tool set (JT30040) on end of crankshaft using two capscrews.  Tighten both capscrews securely. Make sure tool contacts face of crankshaft. d. Carefully start oil seal/wear sleeve over pilot and crankshaft flange with open side of seal toward engine. e. Attach driver and thrust washer to guide plate with capscrew.  Tighten the capscrew until driver bottoms on pilot. f. Remove capscrew thrust washer, driver, two capscrews, and guide plate. g. Install flywheel, refer to paragraph 3-35.3. 3-37.  FLYWHEEL HOUSING. 3-37.1.  Removal. a. Remove flywheel, refer to paragraph 3-35.1. b. Remove oil seal/wear sleeve (5, FIGURE 3-105), refer to paragraph 3-36.1. c. Support weight of flywheel housing (8) and remove eight 3/8-inch capscrews (6) and four 5/8-inch capscrews (7) securing housing to engine block; remove housing (8) and gasket (9).  Discard gasket (9). 3-37.2.  Inspect and Measure. a. Inspect flywheel housing for cracks or other damage. b. Remove all traces of gasket from mating surfaces of flywheel housing and engine block. c. Inspect dowel pins (10, FIGURE 3-105) for damage.  Replace if damaged. d. Remove and inspect plug (11) and preformed packing (12) for damage.  Replace if damaged.  Otherwise, install preformed packing (12) and plug (11). e. Remove and inspect bolt (13) for damage.  Replace if damaged.  Otherwise, install bolt (13). f. Check Total Indicator Reading (TIR) of flywheel housing seal bore ID. (1) Attach magnetic base of dial indicator to flywheel end of crankshaft. (2) Position dial indicator against ID of seal bore in flywheel housing. (3) Turn  crankshaft  360  degrees  at  front  of  engine,  using  center  bolt  on  harmonic  balancer.    Maximum permissible TIR is 0.006 inch (0.152 mm).  If run-out exceeds limit, replace flywheel housing. Change 3   3-152.11(3-152.2 blank)


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