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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 c. Remove water pump, refer to paragraph 3-10.1. d. Remove battery charging alternator and alternator mounting bracket, refer to paragraph 3-11.1. e. Remove oil filler assembly, refer to paragraph 3-18.1. f. Remove oil cooler hoses and mounting bracket, refer to paragraph 3-16.1. g. Remove crankshaft pulley, refer to paragraph 3-38.1. h. Remove gasket between timing gear cover and oil pan. i. Remove oil pressure regulating valve, refer to paragraph 3-17.1. j. Remove ten capscrews (1, FIGURE 3-107), two capscrews (2), fourteen washers (3), and two nuts (4) securing timing gear cover (6); remove cover (6) and gasket (7) from engine block.  Discard gasket (7). k. Using suitable driver, remove seal (5) from front cover. I. Remove two studs (9) from engine block. m. Remove  two  capscrews  (10)  and  washers  (11)  securing  access  cover  (12);  remove  cover  and  gasket  (8). Discard gasket. 3-39.2.  Inspection. WARNING Cleaning solvent is flammable and toxic to eyes, skin, and respiratory tract.  Skin/eye protection required.  Avoid repeated/prolonged contact.  Good general ventilation is normally adequate. WARNING Compressed air used for cleaning can create airborne particles that can enter the eyes.  Pressure will not exceed 30 psig (207 kPa).  Eye protection required. a. Remove all old gasket material and sealant from gasket surface on cylinder block and timing gear cover. b. Clean cover in dry cleaning solvent (P-D-680) and dry with compressed air. c. Inspect cover for cracks or damage.  Make sure that seal bore is clean and not nicked. 3-39.3.  Installation. a. Install  access  cover  (12,  FIGURE  3-107)  and  new  gasket  (8)  on  timing  gear  cover  (6)  and  secure  with  two capscrews (10) and washers (11). b. Install two studs (9) in engine block. CAUTION Do  not  install  seal  (8)  with  timing  gear  cover  mounted  on  engine,  otherwise  damage  to  cover resulting in leakage could occur.  Use wood blocks to support back side of timing gear cover, otherwise damage could occur. Change 3   3-155


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