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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 Section III.  TOOLS AND TEST EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS FOR DIESEL ENGINE MODEL 4039T Tool or Test Equipment Maintenance National/NATO Tool Ref Code Category Nomenclature Stock Number Number 1 O SHOP EQUIPMENT, AUTOMO- 4910-00-754-0654 SC4910-95-CL-A74 TIVE MAINTENANCE AND RE- PAIR: ORGANIZATIONAL MAIN- TENANCE COMMON NO.  1, LESS POWER 2 F, H SHOP EQUIPMENT, FUEL AND 4940-00-754-0714 SC4910-95-CL-B20 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM FIELD MAINTENANCE, BASIC, LESS POWER 3 H SHOP EQUIPMENT, AUTOMO- 4910-00-754-0707 SC4910-95-CL-A63 TIVE MAINTENANCE AND RE- PAIR: FIELD MAINTENANCE, SUPPLEMENTAL SET NO.  2, LESS POWER 4 F, H TOOL SET, BASIC, FIELD MAIN- 4910-00-754-0705 SC4910-95-CL-A31 TENANCE 5 O, F, H TOOL KIT, GENERAL MECHAN- 5180-00-177-7033 SC5180-90-CL-N26 IC'S 6 F COMPRESSION GAGE JT01682 7 H HOLDING TOOL, BALANCE JD-247 8 H DRIVER, BUSHING JD-249 9 H DRIVER, IDLER GEAR JD-252 10 H TOOL, GEAR TIMING 5120-01-353-1121 JD-254 11 F DRIVER, PILOT JDG-676 12 F, H PIN, ECCENTRIC 5315-01-321-6068 JDE-81-4 13 F ADAPTER, VALVE INSERT JDG-975 14 H GAGE, PISTON/LINER 5210-01-351-5114 JDG451 15 F, H HANDLE, OIL SEAL DRIVER 5120-00-034-0881 10914188 16 H DRIVER, GEAR JDH-7 17 F DRIVER, BUSHING JD248A 18 F, H INSTALLER SET, SEAL 5120-01-334-7012 JT30040 19 F STAND, CALIBRATION 4910-01-121-6869 77-7028 20 H EXTRACTOR 5120-00-816-7059 13383 21 H FIXTURE 5120-01-200-4526 19969 22 H GAGE, LINKAGE 5120-00-816-7031 18914 23 F HANDLE, OIL REGULATING JDG-536 VALVE BUSHING DRIVER 24 F WRENCH, CROWSFOOT, 11/16" 5120-00-189-7896 GGG-C-507 TY1CL2 B-9


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