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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 i. Replace all nuts, bolts, capscrews, and studs with damaged threads.  Do not use a tap or die to repair damaged threads which may impair the strength and closeness of the threads and is not recommended. j. Do not allow grease or oil to enter a blind threaded hole as hydraulic action present when bolt or stud is screwed in could split or stress housing. k. To check or re-torque a bolt or nut, item is slackened a quarter of a turn and then tightened to specified value. I. A steel ISO metric bolt, capscrew, or nut can be identified by the letter M either on head or one hexagon flat. The strength grade will also be marked on top or one flat. m. On  nuts  with  identification  marks  on  one  face  the  frictional  area  of  that  surface  will  be  reduced,  therefore  nut should be installed with unmarked face towards component. n. Service  tools  are  designed  to  aid  disassembly  and  assembly  procedures  and  their  use  will  prevent  possible unnecessary damage to components.  It is recommended that service tools are always used, some operations cannot be safely carried out without aid of relevant tool. o. When  removing/disconnecting  fuel  and  lubrication  lines  and  coolant  hoses,  cover/cap  all  openings  to  prevent entry of foreign material.  Remove covers and caps upon installation. 3-4.  DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY SEQUENCE FOR OVERHAUL The following paragraphs provide the sequence of disassembly and assembly for complete overhaul of the engine.  Step- by-step procedures can be found in remaining sections of Chapter 3. 3-4.1.  Disassembly. Warning If  the  engine  has  been  operating  and  coolant  Is  hot,  allow  engine  to  cool  before  you  slowly loosen filler cap and relieve pressure from cooling system.  Failure to observe this warning could result in severe personal Injury. Warning Use care when rotating engine on engine maintenance stand.  If necessary, use a lifting device to avoid severe personal Injury. a. Drain   all   coolant   and   engine   oil,   refer   to   end   item   maintenance   manual.      Check   engine   oil   for   metal contaminates. b. Remove fan belt and battery charging alternator, refer to paragraph 3-11.1. c. Remove turbocharger and exhaust manifold, refer to paragraphs 3-13.1. and 3-14.1. d. Remove valve cover, refer to paragraph 3-31.1. e. Remove water manifold/thermostat housing with thermostat, refer to paragraph 39.  1. f. Remove oil cooler piping, water pump, and hoses, refer to paragraph 3-10.1. g. Remove dipstick, oil filter, and engine oil cooler, refer to paragraphs 3-19.1. and 3-16.1.  Discard oil cooler if oil contained metal particles. h. Remove oil pressure regulating valve assembly, refer to paragraph 3-17.1. i. Remove fuel filter, fuel supply pump, and fuel lines, refer to paragraphs 3-24.2., 3-25.1., and 3-26.1. j. Remove injection lines, injection pump, and injection nozzles, refer to paragraph 3-27.1. 3-16


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