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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 k. Remove starter, refer to paragraph 3-12.2. I. Remove rocker arm assembly and pushrods, refer to paragraph 3-33.1.  Keep rods in sequence.  Check for bent pushrods and condition of wear pad contact surfaces on rockers. m. Remove cylinder head and cylinder head gasket, refer to paragraph 3-34.1.  Check piston protrusion. n. Remove cam followers, refer to paragraph 334.1.  Keep in same sequence as removed. o. Remove flywheel, rear oil seal, and flywheel housing, refer to paragraphs 3-35.1., 3-36.1., and 3-37.1. p. Remove oil pan, refer to paragraph 3-20.1. q. Remove crankshaft pulley, refer to paragraph 3-38.1. r. Remove timing gear cover, refer to paragraph 3-39.1. s. Remove oil pump drive gear, oil outlet tube, (and its Oring in block), and pump body, refer to paragraph 3-21.1. t. Remove oil slinger, timing gears, and camshaft, refer to paragraphs 3-40.1.  and 3-42.1.  Perform wear checks. u. Remove balancer shafts, refer to paragraph 341.1. v. Remove engine front plate, refer to paragraph 3-43.1. w. Remove lube oil system by-pass valve, refer to paragraph 3-22.1. x. Stamp  cylinder  number  on  rod  (if  required).    Remove  pistons  and  rods,  refer  to  paragraph  3-45.    1.    Perform wear checks with bearing gage (PLASTIGAGEPR1).  Remove two at a time. y. Remove crankshaft and main bearings, refer to paragraph 3-44.1.  Perform wear checks with bearing gage. z. Remove cylinder liners and mark each one with cylinder number from which removed, refer to paragraph 3-45.2. aa. Remove piston cooling orifices, refer to paragraph 3-45.1. ab. Remove cylinder block plugs and serial number plate (as required) when block is to be put in a 'hot tank". ac. Clean out liner bores (upper and lower areas) with nylon brush. ad. Measure cylinder block, refer to paragraph 3-47.3. ae. Cap/cover all openings to prevent entry of foreign material. 3-4.2.  Assembly. NOTE Remove all caps/covers. a. Install all plugs (and serial number plates) in cylinder block that were removed to service block. b. Install clean piston cooling orifices. c. Install  cylinder  liners  without  O-rings  and  measure  stand-out.    Install  liners  with  O-rings,  refer  to  paragraph  3- 50.2. d. Install crankshaft and main bearings, refer to paragraph 3-44.4.  Bearing gage bearings. e. Install flywheel housing, rear oil seal, and flywheel, refer to paragraphs 3-37.3., 3-36.2., and 3-35.3. f. Install pistons and rods, refer to paragraph 3-50.3.  Measure piston protrusion for proper piston selection. g. Install lube oil system by-pass valve, refer to paragraph 3-22.3. h. Install engine front plate, refer to paragraph 3-43.5. i. Install balancer shafts, refer to paragraph 3-41.4.  Check end play. j. Install oil outlet tube, O-ring in block, and oil pump, refer to paragraph 3-21.3. k. Install injection pump on front plate, refer to paragraph 3-27.8. 3-17


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