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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 e. Install fan drive belts, refer to end item maintenance manual. f. Install by-pass hose on water pump and secure with a hose clamp. g. Install  two  oil  cooler  hoses  (2,  FIGURE  3-3)  and  secure  to  water  pump  and  engine  oil  cooler  with  four  hose clamps (1).  Install clamp (5) with screw (3) and washer (4). h. Install inlet hose on pump inlet and secure with a hose clamp. NOTE Air  must  be  expelled  from  system  when  system  is  refilled.    Loosen  temperature  sending  unit fitting at rear of cylinder head or plug in thermostat housing to allow air to escape when filling system.  Retighten fitting or plug when all the air has been expelled. i. Service coolant system, refer to end item maintenance manual. Section V.  ELECTRICAL SYSTEM MAINTENANCE 3-11.  BATTERY CHARGING ALTERNATOR. 3-11.1.  Battery Charging Alternator Test (Installed) a. Check for battery voltage in alternator between terminals POS and ground, and EXC and ground with the master switch (S1) in the PRIME & RUN POSITION.  Note voltage. b. Start  and  operate  generator  refer  to  TM  9-6115-645-10  and  recheck  voltage  on  alternator  terminal  POS  and ground for 28 " 2 VDC. WARNING Prior to removing alternator, ensure negative battery lead is disconnected from battery to prevent serious injury or death. 3-11.2.  Removal. a. Tag and disconnect electrical leads from battery charging alternator. b. Remove fan belts, refer to end item maintenance manual. c. Remove capscrew (1, FIGURE 3-5), lockwasher (2), and washer (3); securing bracket (4) and battery charging alternator (5).  Discard lockwasher (2). d. Support  weight  of  battery  charging  alternator  and  remove  capscrew  (6),  lockwasher  (7),  and  nut  (8);  securing bracket (4) and alternator (5).  Remove bracket (4) and alternator (5).  Discard lockwasher (7). e. If  necessary,  remove  capscrew  (9)  and  lockwasher  (10)  securing  adjusting  strap  (11)  to  water  pump  mounting hole.  Remove adjusting strap.  Discard lockwasher (10). f. If necessary, remove two capscrews (12), washers (13), spacers (16), and nuts (14) securing mounting brackets (15 and 17).  Remove brackets (15 and 17). g. If necessary, loosen and remove nuts (19) from terminals POS plus OUTPUT and SEN.  Remove  jumper wire (18). 3-11.3.  Disassembly. a. Remove terminal nuts (1, FIGURE 3-6), washers (2), bolts (3), back cover (4), and gasket (5) from rear housing (20). b. Remove nuts (6), strap (7), washer (32), and brush assembly (8) from voltage regulator (11). c. Remove bolts (9), insulating washers (10), and voltage regulator (11) from rear housing (20). d. Remove nut (12) and washer (13) and straighten strap (14). e. Remove screws (15).  Tag and remove stator (22) leads from diode-trio (17). Change 3   3-26


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