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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5 3-27.4.7  Cam Rollers and Shoes. CAUTION Never attempt to press a roller into a shoe from outer edges, as groove width at this point is less than roller outside diameter and shoe breakage may result. Check each roller in its shoe for freedom of movement.  Inspect top edge of each shoe, where retained by leaf spring, for chipping or excessive wear.  Inspect roller and shoe for abrasive wear patterns. 3-27.4.8  Leaf Spring and Screw. CAUTION To    prevent    possible    improper    positioning    of    parts    and    unnecessarily    disturbing    leaf    spring adjustment,  do  not  remove  screws  (25,  FIGURE  3-73)  and  leaf  springs  (26)  unless  they  are  being replaced or a new rotor and head assembly is being installed. a. If damaged, remove screws (25, FIGURE 3-73) and leaf springs (26). b. Check for excessive wear at points where spring contacts radii on rotor and along steps that retain roller shoes. Check adjusting screw for tightness in rotor. 3-27.4.9  Cam Ring. Only working portions of lobes on inside diameter are ground, so any tool marks between lobes should not be considered as damage.  The mottled appearance of cam is from heat treatment rather than from operation. Carefully  inspect  cam  lobes  and  edges  of  all  flat  surfaces.    If  there  is  evidence  of  spalling  or  flaking  out, replace with a new cam. 3-27.4.10  Governor Weights. Check pivot points (heel or toe) of all weights for excessive wear. 3-27.4.11  Transfer Pump Blades. Check for chipping on any edges, including spring bore edges, pitting, imbedded foreign particles, or scoring on rounded edges.  Determine blade wear by measuring length (0.538 inch [13.67 mm] minimum).  Inspect flat surfaces visually for deep scores.  If any discrepancies are noted, replace both blade sets and springs. 3-27.4.12  Housing. Inspect  housing  for  chips,  cracks,  damaged  threads,  imbedded  foreign  particles,  or  any  other  abnormal conditions.  Replace if damaged. 3-27.4.13  Bushings, Drive Shaft, and Throttle Shaft, Inspect  for  excessive  wear,  cracks,  loose  fit  in  housing,  or  any  other  abnormal  conditions.    Replace  if damaged. 3-27.5.  Replacement. 3-27.5.1  General. In  addition  to  parts  supplied  with  repair  kits,  cam  (17,  FIGURE  3-64),  connector  assembly  (1),  insulation washers (15), delivery valve stop (35, FIGURE 3-73) and pilot tube seal (1) must be replaced during assembly. 3-27.5.2  Delivery Valve. Delivery valves of various retraction values are used for different applications.  Correct part numbers are found on individual pump specifications.  Letters 'OV' etched on base of rotor indicate a 0.001 inch oversize delivery valve bore.  A rotor so marked must use a 0.001 inch oversize delivery valve.  Part numbers for both standard and  oversized  valves  are  listed  on  individual  pump  specifications.    An  oversized  valve  is  also  identified  by blackening on both ends and in groove on delivery valve shank. 3-105


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