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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5 3-27.5.3  Roller Shoes. Roller shoes are available in three sizes and are marked on the end, e.g.  -010 (PN 20119), -.005 (PN 20124) and -.015 (PN 20120).  All four shoes must bear same mark. 3-27.5.4  Plungers. Two  each  of  two  different  plungers  are  used  with  basic  part  numbers  of  11046  and  20250.    Four  additional standard sizes and four additional oversizes are available for each type of plunger as listed below. 11046 20250 Standard 11047 thru 11050 20252 thru 20254 Oversized 11052 thru 11055 20256 thru 20259 3-27.5.5  Rotor. a. Rotors with no etching on base of rotor will use plungers of basic part numbers (11046 and 20250).  Rotors with "A", "B", "C", or "D" etched on head will use plungers of one of the additional.  standard sizes with "A" indicating lowest part number and "D" indicating highest part number.  Rotors with "-2" etched on head following one of the letters will use one of the oversize plunger part numbers depending on which letter is etched on rotor. b. The multiple parts sizes were required to achieve specified roller to roller dimension and centrality during original manufacturing.    Additionally  when  any  of  these  parts  are  replaced  during  repair,  it  may  be  necessary  to interchange relative positions or parts in order to meet specifications. c. Components  except  basic  head  or  rotor  which  are  corroded  or  damaged  during  handling  may  be  replaced. Otherwise, when components exhibit wear or damage from pump operation, head and rotor should be replaced as an assembly.  Also, a basic head and rotor cannot be obtained and replaced individually. 3-27.6.  Assembly. CAUTION Throughout  assembly  procedures  it  is  stated  to  use  grease  on  various  parts.    Do  so  sparingly  as  it can plug return fittings and pump will not bleed air from housing during startup. NOTE In addition to the parts supplied with the repair kits, cam (17, FIGURE 3-64), delivery valve stop (35, FIGURE 3-73), and connector assembly (1, FIGURE 3-64) must be replaced during assembly. NOTE Parts which must be replaced and are not included in the repair kits are lockwashers, delivery valve stop (35, FIGURE 3-73), insulator washers (15, FIGURE 3-64), and pilot tube (1, FIGURE 3-73). a. Place six rubber cushions (32) on retainer pins of retainer assembly (33). CAUTION Do not handle precision machined rotor surfaces.  Damage due to corrosion could occur. b. Rinse rotor (48) thoroughly in clean diesel fuel or calibrating oil. 3-106


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