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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5 CAUTION Use care not to cock blades during installation, as sharp edge on liner (15) can score blade ends. aa. Assemble springs (14) to blades (13) and install blades in their slots in rotor.  Blade springs (14) must be fully compressed as they are installed. ab. Assemble transfer pump components as follows: (1) If  necessary,  install  new  spring  pin  (12)  in  correct  hole  in  regulator  (8)  for  clockwise  rotation.    On  face  of regulator 'C' is stamped for clockwise pump operation. (2) Using small flat screwdriver, install new piston seal (11) in groove of regulator (8).  Do not roll seal over when assembling. CAUTION To  prevent  excessive  transfer  pump  pressure  and  damage  to  pump  when  it  is  operated,  ensure adjusting plug (7) is flush with end of regulator. (3) Install piston (9) in the regulator with hollow end facing spring or threaded end of bore.  Install spring (10) and adjusting plug (7).  The plug contains a viscosity compensating orifice and should be installed so top of screw is flush with end of regulator assembly. (4) Using O-ring pick, check piston for freedom of movement in its bore. ac. Coat beveled surfaces on strainer base with general purpose grease (630AA). ad. Install element strainer (6) onto transfer pump regulator assembly. ae. Coat threads on OD of end cap (5) with general purpose grease (630AA). af. Install end cap (5) and thread into hydraulic head by applying a slight pressure on top of end cap.  Rotate end cap counterclockwise until a slight click is heard, then turn cap clockwise by hand until tight. ag. If disassembled, attach link assembly (81, FIGURE 3-64) to link hook (46) with screw (79) and washer (80). ah. If disconnected, connect spring (47) to governor arm (44) and linkage hook assembly (46). CAUTION If drive shaft (42, FIGURE 3-73) was removed after installation, seals and bearing must be replaced. ai. Install drive shaft (42), seals (44 and 45), bearing (46), and thrust components (38, 39, 40, and 41) as follows: CAUTION Extreme care must be used when installing seals or leaks will result from distortion and/or damage to teflon sealing element.  Calibration oil may be used to facilitate seal installation. (1) Place  new  fuel  seal  (44)  on  seal/bearing  installation  tool  (28316)  (end  opposite  removable  collar)  with  open side of seal facing outward, refer to FIGURE 3-92. 3-111


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