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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5P bc. Insert control rod pin (4, FIGURE 3-67) into hole at end of control rod (5) and insert control rod into control rod guide (6). bd. Install adjusting cap seal (3) into seal groove on adjusting cap (2).  Align roll pin slot in adjusting cap (2) with control rod pin (4) at end of control rod and slide control rod into control rod guide (6). be. Thread droop control locking cap (1) onto control rod guide (6) and tighten while supporting control rod guide in place. bf. With bushing (10) threaded against control spring guide on control rod assembly (5), thread control spring (7) five full turns onto control spring guide.  Slip free end of control spring (7) over tabs of governor arm (14) with bent-in end part of control spring between the two tabs. bg. If necessary, assemble throttle shaft assembly as follows: (1) Install a nut (40, FIGURE 3-64) on each screw (38 and 39).  Install screws in shaft assembly (18). (2) Position  spacer  (37),  adjusting  arm  (35),  lever  (34),  spring  (33),  and  retainer'  (32)  on  shaft  assembly (18) and secure with screw (31). FIGURE 3-100.  Alignment of Spacer bh. If necessary, assemble shutoff lever shaft assembly as follows: (1) Install a nut (29) on each screw (28) and install screws (28) in shaft assembly (30). NOTE FIGURE  3-101  indicates  alignment  hole  for  adjustment  shutoff  arm  (27,  FIGURE  3-64)  for  this application. (2) Position adjustment shutoff arm (27) on shaft assembly (30) and secure with two washers (25 and 26), screw (23), and adjustment shutoff screw (24). 3-117


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