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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5 I. Operate pump at 500 pump rpm wide open throttle (WOT) for ten minutes or until temperature reaches 1100 F  to  115°F  (43.3°C  to  46.1 °C).    Completely  dry  pump  off  using  compressed  air.    Observe  for  leaks  and correct as necessary. CAUTION Never back out low idle screw or disengagement of throttle lever from guide bushing could result. m. Back out high idle screw. n. Close valve in fuel supply line.  With pump running 200 pump rpm, the transfer pump must be capable of creating  a  vacuum  of  at  least  18  inches  (45.7  cm)  of  mercury.    If  it  does  not,  check  for  air  leaks  between pump inlet and shutoff valve or deficiency in transfer pump. o. Fill graduates to bleed air from test stand and to lubricate graduates. p. While operating pump at 875 rpm wide open throttle (WOT), perform the following: NOTE Pressure should be 78 to 80 psi (537.8 to 551.6 kPa) (1) Observe transfer pump pressure.  To adjust pressure, remove lines to transfer pump inlet connector and use  a  5/32  inch  hex  key  wrench  to  adjust  pressure  regulating  spring  plug.    Clockwise  adjustment increases pressure.  Do not over-adjust. NOTE Transfer pump pressure gage must be isolated by shutoff valve at injection pump when checking fuel delivery and advance movement. NOTE Oil return flow reading should be 225 to 475 cc/min. (2) Check return oil flow. (3) Recheck transfer pump pressure.  Adjust as necessary. (4) Check housing pressure for 4 to 8 psi (28-59 kPa). q. While operating at 262.5 rpm WOT, set advance trimmer screw for 2 degrees. r. While operating at 875 rpm WOT, set roller-to-roller fuel delivery to 95.5 to 96.5 mm3/stroke. s. Turn speed droop adjusting cap clockwise two full turns. t. While operating at 935 rpm WOT, adjust high idle screw to obtain 10 to 12 mm3/stroke. u. Check for minimum fuel delivery (32 mm3/stroke) at 75 rpm pump speed. v. Operate at 935 rpm pump speed and adjust high idle screw to obtain 10 to 12 mm3/stroke delivery.  Recheck transfer pump pressure upon completion of this adjustment. 3-125


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