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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5 (2) Install key (12) in crankshaft (7) slot, and using driver (JDH-7), drive heated gear (11) onto crankshaft. b. Install main bearing (6) inserts.  Make sure that tang on inserts is engaged with slot in engine block and main bearing caps.  Also make sure that oil holes line up with oil passages in block. CAUTION If new thrust bearing inserts or thrust bearing washers are installed, they must be installed as a set. c. Install main thrust bearing (5) in rear web of engine block. d. Apply a liberal coating of clean engine lubricating oil (MIL-L-2104) to bearing surfaces and crankshaft journals. e. Using proper lifting equipment, lower crankshaft (7) onto main bearings. f. Dip  entire  bearing  capscrews  (1)  in  clean  engine  lubricating  oil  (MIL-L-2104)  and  position  them  in  the  main bearing caps.  Apply a liberal amount of oil to bearing inserts in caps. NOTE Make  sure  bearing  caps  are  installed  on  the  bearing  bosses  from  which  they  were  removed.    The numbers stamped on the caps should be on the same side as the numbers on the block.  If there is an arrow on cap, arrow must point toward camshaft side of block. g. Install each bearing cap (3 and 4), bearings (5 and 6), and capscrews (1) with washers (2) with the recesses and tabs aligned in matching order.  Make sure bearing tabs also match up before tightening capscrews. CAUTION Do  not  use  pneumatic  wrench  to  install  main  bearing  capscrews,  as  damage  may  occur  to  the threads. h. Before  tightening  capscrews  on  main  bearing  caps,  align  upper  and  lower  thrust  washers  or  flanges  on  main thrust bearings (5).  Using a soft-face hammer, tap crankshaft to the rear and then to the front to line up thrust bearing surfaces. i. Tighten all capscrews (1) to 85 ft-lbs (115 Nm). j. Turn crankshaft (7) by hand.  If it does not turn easily, disassemble parts and determine the cause. CAUTION Using  pneumatic  wrenches  to  install  capscrews  may  cause  damage  to  the  threads.    Never  reuse connecting rod capscrews. k. Install connecting rod caps and bearings.  Use new capscrews and tighten to specification, refer to paragraph 3- 49.3. 3-188


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