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ARMY   TM   9-2815-256-24P AIR  FORCE  TO  38G1-96-4 MARINE   CORPS TM 2815-24P/3 UNIT,   DIRECT   SUPPORT,   AND GENERAL    SUPPORT    MAINTENANCE REPAIR   PARTS   AND   SPECIAL   TOOLS   LIST SECTION  I. INTRODUCTION 1. Scope. This  RPSTL  lists  and  authorizes  spares  and  repair  parts;  special  tools; special    test,    measurement, and    diagnostic    equipment (TMDE); and   other special support equipment    required    for    performance    of    unit, direct support, and    general    support    maintenance    of    the    Diesel    Engine.    It authorizes    the    requisitioning, issue   and   disposition   of   spares,   repair parts    and    special tools    as    indicated    by    the    source,    maintenance    and recoverability    (SMR)    codes. In   addition   to   Section   I,   Introduction, this   Repair   Parts   and   Special Tools   List   is   divided   into   the   following   sections: a.   Section   II,   Repair   Parts   List.   A   list   of   spares   and   repair parts authorized    by    this    RPSTL    for    use    in the performance    of maintenance. The   list   also   includes   parts   which   must   be   removed   for replacement    of    the    authorized    parts. Parts    lists    are    composed    of functional   groups   in   ascending   figure   and   item   number   sequence. Bulk materials    are    listed    in    item    name    sequence. Repair    parts    kits    are listed    separately    in    their    own    functional    group    within    Section    II. Repair    parts    for    repairable    special tools    are    also    listed    in    this section. Items listed are shown on the associated illustration(s)/figure(s). b. Section  III. Special   Tools   List. A  list  of  special  tools, special   TMDE, and   other   special   support   equipment   authorized   by   this RPSTL   (as   indicated   by   Basis   of   Issue   (BOI)   information   in   DESCRIPTION AND   USABLE   ON   CODE   column)   for   the   performance   of   maintenance. 1


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