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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24P AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-4 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24P/3 2. General.    -    (Continued) c. Section   IV. National   Stock   Number   and   Part   Number   Index, A    list,    in    National    Item    Identification    Number    (NIIN)    sequence,    of all national stock    numbered items appearing    in the    listing, followed    by    a    list    in    alphanumeric    sequence    of    all    part    numbers appearing   in   the   listings. National    stock    numbers    and    part    numbers are    cross-referenced    to    each    illustration    figure    and    item    number appearance. 3. Explanation    of    Columns    (Sections    II    and    III). a. ITEM    NO.    (Column    (1)). Indicates    the    number    used    to identify    items    called    out    in    the    illustration. b.    SMR    CODE    (Column    (21). The    Source,    Maintenance,    and Recoverability (SMR) code is a 5-position code containing supply/requisitioning information, maintenance category authorization criteria, and    disposition    instruction, as   shown   in the    following    breakout: How   you   get   an   item 3rd    position 4th    position Who    can    install, Who   can   do replace    or    use complete the   item. repair*    on the   item. Who    determined disposition action   on   an unserviceable item. *Complete     Repair: Maintenance     capacity,     capability,     and     authority to    perform all    corrective    maintenance    tasks    of the "Repair" f u n c t i o n     i n     a use/user environment     in o r d e r     t o restore serviceability    to    a    failed    item. (1) Source   Code. The   source   code   tells   you   how   to   get an    item    needed    for    maintenance, repair, or    overhaul    of    an    end item/equipment. Explanations    of    source    codes    follows: 2


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