Quantcast FIGURE 5-24.  TRANSFER PUMP LINER - TM-9-2815-259-24_201

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ARMY TM 9-2815-259-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-125-2 MARINE CORPS 09249A/09246A-24 5-23 FIGURE 5-24.  TRANSFER PUMP LINER. (12)   Examine the Transfer Pump Regulating Piston and Adjusting Screw.  refer to Figure 5-25. (a) Inspect the adjusting screw to ensure the orifice is not plugged and the orifice plate is secure to the screw. (b) Replace the screw if the retention patch does not offer enough resistance to turning when the screw is threaded in and out of the regulator.   (c) Inspect the regulating piston.  Replace if excessive scoring or wear is present. (d) Replace the Transfer Pump Regulating Piston and Adjusting Screw if found defective. FIGURE 5-25.  TRANSFER PUMP REGULATING PISTON AND ADJUSTING SCREW.


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