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ARMY TM 9-2815-259-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-125-2 MARINE CORPS 09249A/09246A-24 5-90 NOTE Cylinder liner will protrude over top of cylinder block more than normal due to uncompressed packings and O-rings. (4) Hold liners in place with large flat washers and capscrews.  Turn capscrews snug but do not tighten. (5) Clean cylinder liner bores with waterless hand cleaner after installation.  Wipe dry with clean towels. (6) Apply clean engine oil to liner bores immediately to prevent corrosion. 5.4.7.   BALANCER SHAFT ASSEMBLY a. Inspection Prior to Removal. (1) Remove timing gear cover, refer to paragraph 4.9.2. (2) Use a dial indicator and measure balancer shaft end play.  New balancer shaft end play is 0.002 to 0.010 inch (0.05 to 0.26 mm). NOTE If end play of balancer shaft exceeds specifications, then check thickness of thrust plate as this determines end play.  Refer to paragraph c. (3) Measure balancer timing gear backlash, as follows: (a) Using a dial indicator, measure backlash between timing gears.  Specifications are given for new parts (refer to Table 5-4). (1) Measure upper balancer shaft gear-to-oil pump gear.  Refer to Table 5-4. (2) Measure lower idler gear-to-lower balancer shaft gear.  Refer to Table 5-4. (b) If backlash is not within specifications, install new timing gears. b. Removal. (1) Remove timing gear cover, refer to paragraph 4.9.2. (2) Remove lower idler gear, refer to paragraph 5.4.2. (3) Remove oil pump gear, refer to paragraph 5.4.9. (4) Measure balancer shaft end play, refer to paragraph a. (5) Remove two capscrews (7, Figure 5-61) and lockwashers (8) securing each thrust plate (9 and 10); remove thrust plates (9 and 10).  Discard lockwashers.


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