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ARMY TM 9-2815-259-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-125-2 MARINE CORPS 09249A/09246A-24 5-91 CAUTION During removal, identify left and right balancer shafts (13 and 14) for correct reassembly.  Journals are lapped for one direction of rotation and interchanging shaft locations could cause premature wear of shafts and bushings. (6)     Remove balancer shafts (13 and 14).   (7)     If necessary, remove gear (11 or 12) from balancer shaft (13 or 14) using an arbor press and gear puller.  Remove key (15) from shaft. (8)     If necessary, use balancer shaft bushing driver and drive bushings (16) out of engine block. c. Test. (1)     With bushings (16, Figure 5-61) removed, check for cracked or broken block bosses. (2)     Inspect for broken, cracked, or excessively worn gears (11 and 12). (3)     Check thrust plates (9 and 10) for scoring or other excessive wear.  New thrust plate thickness is 0.117 thickness to 0.119 inch (2.97 to 3.02 mm). Refer to Table 5-4. (4)     Inspect bushings (16) in engine block for wear or damage. (5)     Measure balancer shaft bushing (16) inner diameter.  New standard bushing diameter is 1.5818- 1.5841 inches (40.177-40.237 mm). Refer to Table 5-4. (6)     Measure balancer shaft journal diameter.  New part diameter is 1.5801-1.5811 inches (40.135- 40.161 mm). Refer to Table 5-4. (7)     Subtract journal diameter from bushing diameter.  New part oil clearance is 0.0006-0.0040 (0.0016-0.102 mm).  Maximum allowable oil clearance is 0.006 inch (0.15 mm). Refer to Table 5- 4. (8)     Install new bushings (16) and/or a new balancer shaft (13 or 14) if oil clearance is not within specification. d.     Replacement. (1)     Inspect balancer shaft prior to removal, refer to step a. (2)     Remove balancer shaft assembly, refer to step b. (3)     Perform test procedures on balancer shaft, refer to step c.  Replace balancer shaft if it is not within spectification. (4)     Install balancer shaft, refer to step e.


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