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ARMY TM 9-2815-260-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-126-2 MARINE CORPS TM 09244A/09245A-24 4-72 (6) Inspect rocker arm shaft (2) for severe scratching, scoring, or excessive wear at points of rocker arm contact.  Roll rocker arm shaft on a flat surface to check for bends or distortion.  Replace as necessary. (7) Measure OD of rocker arm shaft (2) with OD micrometer.  Rocker arm shaft OD should be 0.787 - 0.788 in. (19.99 - 20.02 mm).  Replace rocker arm shaft if not within specifications. (8) Measure ID of supports (7) with ID micrometer.  Support ID should be 0.794 in. (20.17 mm) maximum.  Replace any support not within specifications. (9) Inspect adjusting screw on rocker arm (9) and jam nut (8) for damage.  Visually inspect rocker arm for hairline cracks.  Replace as necessary. (10) Inspect for cups or concave wear on ends of rocker arms (9) where rocker arms contact valve tips.   If wear exists, replace rocker arm. (11) Measure ID of rocker arm (9) bore with ID micrometer.  Rocker arm bore ID should be 0.790 - 0.792 in. (20.07 - 20.12 mm).  Replace any rocker arm not within specifications. (12) Inspect push rods (11) for wear, damage, or physical distortion.  Roll push rods on a flat surface to check for bends or distortion.  Replace as necessary. (13) For assembly, lubricate OD of rocker arm shaft (2, Figure 4-48), bores of rocker arms (9) and supports (7) with clean engine lubricating oil (MIL-L-2104). CAUTION Oil supply hole on rocker arm shaft must be toward flywheel end of engine. Failure to comply could result in damage to engine. NOTE Assemble parts in same locations from which they were removed. (14) Position rocker arms (9), supports (7), springs (4) and washers (3) on rocker arm shaft (2).  Install new end plugs (1).  End plugs must be firmly seated against end of shaft. d.    Replacement. (1) Remove rocker arm assembly, refer to step a. (2) Perform repair procedures, refer to step c.  Replace any components that are not within specifications. (3) For installation, refer to step e.


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