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ARMY TM 9-2815-260-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-126-2 MARINE CORPS TM 09244A/09245A-24 4-80 (10) Wait 5 minutes, then verify 110 lb-ft (150 Nm) torque on all capscrews (1, Figure 4-49).  Tighten capscrews as required. (11) Repeat step 9, this time tightening all capscrews (1) an additional 1/6 turn, as described below: (a) Make a mark on socket and make a second mark 1/6 turn (one wrench flat) counterclockwise of first mark, when viewed from top of socket. (b) Place socket on capscrew and make a mark on cylinder head adjacent with first mark on socket. (c) Tighten capscrew until second mark aligns with mark on cylinder head. (12) Install push rods and rocker arm assembly, refer to paragraph 4.7.3. (13) Adjust valve clearance, refer to paragraph 4.7.2. (14) Install valve cover, refer to paragraph 4.7.1. (15) Install fuel injection nozzles, refer to paragraph 4.6.2. (16) Install fuel injection lines, refer to paragraph 3.12.4. (17) Install fuel filter, refer to paragraph 3.12.2. (18) Install thermostat housing and thermostat housing to water pump tube, refer to paragraph 3.8.2. (19) Install exhaust manifold, refer to paragraph 4.4.3. (20) Install intake manifold, refer to paragraph 4.4.2. (21) Install turbocharger, refer to paragraph 4.4.1. (22) Install air intake and exhaust system, refer to TM 9-6115-672-14. (23) Connect negative cable to battery, refer to TM 9-6115-672-14. (24) Service lubrication and coolant systems, refer to TM 9-6115-672-14. (25) Start engine, refer to TM 9-6115-672-14. (26) Run engine at no load for one minute.  Shut down engine and check for fuel, coolant and oil leaks. Correct as required. (27) Start engine, refer to TM 9-6115-672-14. (28) Run engine at load for 10 minutes.  Shut down engine and allow to cool. (29) Recheck valve clearances and adjust, as necessary, refer to paragraph 4.7.2.


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