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ARMY TM 9-2815-260-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-126-2 MARINE CORPS TM 09244A/09245A-24 5-46 (7) Inspect push rods.  If push rods are bent or show excessive scuffing, cylinder head must be removed for inspection of cylinder block, cylinder head, and camshaft followers, refer to paragraph 4.7.4. (8) Remove timing gear cover, refer to paragraph 4.9.2. (9) Remove fuel supply pump, refer to paragraph 3.12.3. (10) Rotate engine gear train using Flywheel Turning Tool (JDG820) until bolts (6, Figure 5-61) behind camshaft gear (4) can be removed.  Remove bolts. (11) Mark camshaft gear teeth and idler gear teeth with timing marks using white paint to insure proper positioning of camshaft during installation. NOTE If camshaft is going to be replaced with new camshaft, cylinder head must be removed and camshaft followers must be replaced. (12) Remove cylinder head, if necessary, refer to paragraph 4.7.4. (13) If cylinder head has been removed, tag and remove camshaft followers and fuel supply pump activator pin. NOTE Engine must remain in a position where camshaft followers rest against cylinder head and do not fall into engine crankcase.  If camshaft followers fall into crankcase, cylinder head removal is required. (14) If cylinder head has not been removed, revolve engine on vehicle engine stand (NSN 4910-01- 016-1835 or equal) until camshaft followers (2, Figure 5-61) and fuel supply pump activator pin falls away from camshaft lobes. CAUTION Do not allow camshaft lobes to drag in bushing or honed bores.  Failure to comply could result in damage to camshaft, camshaft bushing, or camshaft honed bores. NOTE Rotate camshaft carefully to aid in removal. (15) Pull camshaft (1) straight up, out of cylinder block. (16) Remove thrust plate (3, Figure 5-61) from camshaft.


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