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ARMY TM 9-2815-260-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-126-2 MARINE CORPS TM 09244A/09245A-24 5-49 (4) Measure camshaft bushing inner diameter and camshaft journal outer diameter as follows: (a) Measure and record camshaft journal outer diameter for each camshaft journal.  Camshaft journal outer diameter should be 2.1997 - 2.2007 in. (55.872 - 55.898 mm).  Replace camshaft and camshaft followers if any camshaft journal outer diameter is out of specifications. (b) Measure and record front camshaft bushing inner diameter.  Front camshaft bushing inner diameter should be 2.2031 - 2.2042 in. (55.961 - 55.987 mm).  Replace front camshaft bushing as follows if measurement is not within specification. 1 Remove countersunk TORX®7 cap screw and install M8 X 1.25 tapered bottom leg from Camshaft Bushing Service Kit into hole that has chamfered screw and star washer. 2 Install M8 X 1.25 flat bottom legs and Removing/Installing Plate to cylinder block so plate is parallel with front plate and centered over camshaft bore.   Tighten legs and hex nuts securely. 3 Insert Bushing Remover into camshaft bore so puller pilots in bushing inner diameter and  Bushing Installer Screw extends through plate. CAUTION Cylinder block bore is easily damaged.  Cylinder block must be replaced if cylinder block bore is damaged.  Ensure that puller is properly piloted before pulling bushing.  Failure to comply could result in damage to cylinder block. 4 Install thrust washer and hex nut.  Tighten hex nut until bushing is free of block bore.  Remove puller and discard bushing. 5 Clean and inspect bore in cylinder block.  Cylinder block must be replaced if cylinder block bore is damaged, refer to paragraph 5.4.7. 6 Measure camshaft bore inner diameter with bushing removed.  Camshaft bore inner diameter with bushing removed should be 2.3607 - 2.3617 in. (59.961 - 59.987 mm).  Replace cylinder block if camshaft bore inner diameter is out of specification, refer to Paragraph 5.4.7. 7 Mark orientation of oil supply hole on front face of engine block and on bushing using permanent marker. 8 Apply High Temperature Grease (Appendix E) to inner diameter and outer diameter of new bushing and to inner diameter of bushing bore.  Slide bushing onto Bushing Installer so notched end of bushing will be toward front end of engine when installed. 9 Thread Bushing Installer Screw into Removing/Installing Plate.  Ensure that bushing is started, square in bore, and oil hole is aligned.


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