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ARMY TM 9-2815-260-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-126-2 MARINE CORPS TM 09244A/09245A-24 5-75 FIGURE 5-73.  PISTON INSPECTION (DEFECTS EXAGGERATED) FIGURE 5-74.  CHECKING PISTON KEYSTONE RING GROOVE WEAR. 2 Check second and third piston grooves using new piston ring (7, Figure 5-72) and feeler gauge, refer to Figure 5-75.  Check clearance at several points.  Ring groove clearance should not exceed 0.008 in. (0.20 mm).  If clearance exceeds specification, replace piston (4, Figure 5-72) and cylinder liner (11), refer to paragraph 5.4.6, as a set.


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