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ARMY TM 9-2815-260-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-126-2 MARINE CORPS TM 09244A/09245A-24 3-2 NOTE The terms ready / available and mission capable refer to the same status:   Engine is on hand and is able to perform its combat missions (see DA Pam 738-750). f. Reporting and Correcting Deficiencies.  If your engine does not perform as required, refer to Troubleshooting section for possible problems.  Report any malfunctions or failures on DA form 2404, or refer to DA Pam 738-750. TABLE 3-1.  Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) M – Monthly    Q – Quarterly    S – Semi-annually    A – Annually    B – Bi-annually    H – Hours   Interval Item No. M    Q     S     A     B H Item to be Inspected Procedures  Check  for  and  have repaired or adjusted as necessary Equipment    is    Not Ready/ Available If: CAUTION Engine oil and filter must be changed at a hard time interval of 100 hours on initial break-in. Failure to change the oil and filter may void the warranty.   1 M 300    Oil Filter Refer to paragraph 3.11.2. NOTE Oil filter change interval is a hard time replacement to be used when AOAP lab is not available. 2 M 1500    Engine Compression Check engine compression.  Refer to paragraph 3.7.1. Engine compression is low. 3 M 1500    Engine Oil Pressure Check engine oil pressure.  Refer to TM 9-6115-672-14. Engine oil pressure not as specified NOTE The following PMCS items are Direct Support maintenance tasks. 4 M 1500    Engine Valves Adjust engine valves at Direct Support maintenance level.  See paragraph 4.7.2. 5 M 1500    Engine Fuel Injection Nozzles Remove, clean, and test fuel injection nozzles at Direct Support maintenance level.  See paragraph 4.6.2.


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