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ARMY TM 9-2815-260-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-126-2 MARINE CORPS TM 09244A/09245A-24 3-26 b.   Removal. (1) Ensure generator set negative battery terminal connection is disconnected from battery. (2) Tag and disconnect electrical leads from starter. (3) Support weight of starter and remove two screws (1, Figure 3-6), lockwashers (2) and washers (3) securing starter to flywheel housing.  Remove starter. (4) Cover opening in flywheel housing. c.   Inspection. (1) Inspect housing for cracked or broken casting and stripped threads or missing insulation. (2) Inspect pinion (19, Figure 3-6) for chipped or worn teeth. d.   Replacement. (1) Test starter installed on generator, refer to paragraph 3.9.2.a. (2) Remove starter, refer to paragraph 3.9.2.b. (3) Inspect starter, refer to paragraph 3.9.2.c.  Replace starter if solenoid or starter is found defective during test in step a.  Starter must also be replaced if inspection reveals faulty components.  For installation of starter, refer to paragraph 3.9.2.e. (4) Send removed starter to next higher maintenance level for repair. e.   Installation. (1) Remove cover in opening of flywheel housing. (2) Place gasket (4, Figure 3-6), and starter on flywheel housing and secure with two screws (1), new lockwashers (2) and washers (3).  Tighten screws to 30 - 35 lb-ft (41 - 47 Nm). (3) Connect electrical leads to starter as tagged during removal. (4) Reconnect negative battery terminal.


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