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TM   9-2920-243-34 CHAPTER   3 REPAIR    INSTRUCTIONS Section   I.   GENERAL 3-1. Removal and Installation Before  beginning  disassembly,  wash  starter For  instructions  covering  removal  and  in- exterior   thoroughly   with   drycleaning   solvent stallation of the starter, refer to TM 9-2320-211- Type  II  (SD-2),  Federal  Specification  P-D-680 20 for LDS-465-1, and LDS-465-1A and MACK and dry with compressed air (15 psi). Model ENDT 673 engines, TM 9-2320-209-20 for 3-3. Parts Kit LD-465-1,  LD-465-1C  and  LDT-465-1C  engines, Standard parts kits should always be used when and TM 9-2320-230-20 for the LDS-465-2 engine. repairing  or  rebuilding  starter  assembly.  Refer  to 3-2. Cleaning Before Disassembly Appendix B for description of parts kits. Section   Il.   DISASSEMBLY 3-4. General a. Disassembly of starter will be performed as illustrated   in   the   following   figures   and   in- structions.  Sequence  of  disassembly  steps  are shown  in  alphabetical  order  on  each  illustration. b. All  packings  and  gaskets  will  be  discarded during  disassembly  and  new  parts  installed during  assembly. 3-5.  Removal  of  Solenoid  Relay a. Remove in following sequence: two hex nuts (A, fig. 3-1) and jumper (B); two hex nuts (C) and lockwashers  (D);  hex  nut  (E);  and  lead  assembly (F). b. Remove  adjusting  shaft  access  plug  (fig.  3- 2). c. Remove  two  hex-head  bolts  (A,  fig.  3-3) securing   relay  assembly  (B)  to  field  ring assembly. d. Insert  shaft  adjusting  tool  (A,  fig.  3-4) through access opening in relay cover. Engage end  of  tool  with  adjusting  shaft  and  turn  tool counterclockwise  (B)  until  relay  is  free  of  plunger. Remove relay assembly (C). Figure 3-1. Removing or installing jumper and lead assembly. 3-1


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