Quantcast Figure 3-15. Removing or installing armature

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TM  9-2920-243-34 Figure 3-15. Removing or installing armature. Figure 3-16. Removing or installing armature thrust washers. 3-11.  Removal  of  Brush  Rigging  Assembly a. Remove  two  square  nuts  (A,  fig.  3-17),  two round-head  screws  (B),  brush  opening  band  (C), and band (D). b. Remove  two  cross-recessed  head  screws  (A, fig. 3-18) and one lock plate (B) from each of four brush   attaching   locations. Figure 3-17. Removing or installing brush opening band. Figure 3-18. Disconnecting or connecting brushes. 3-6


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