Quantcast Section  IV.  TESTS  AND  ADJUSTMENTS

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TM 9-2920-243-34 clearance.  It  should  be  0.187-inch.  If  not,  refer  to shaft   clockwise   to   decrease   clearance, and fig. 3-4, use the adjusting tool and turn adjusting counterclockwise  to  increase  clearance. Figure   3-43.   Measuring   drive   clutch   pinion   clearance. Section  IV.  TESTS  AND  ADJUSTMENTS 3-26. General condition  exists, repair   the   starter   without Whenever a starter is tested, it should be checked further   testing. for  any  unusual  noises  or  vibration  that  might 3-27. No-Load Test indicate   an   unserviceable   condition.   If   either a. Connect  starter  into  test  arrangement  as shown  in  figure  3-44. 3-19


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