Quantcast Grounding of Power Plant. (cont)

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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
d. Remove slide hammer assembly and install another section of ground rod.
e. Install another coupling and the slide hammer assembly. Drive ground rod down until new coupling is
just above ground surface.
f. Repeat steps d and e until ground rod has been driven eight feet or deeper, providing an effective
g. Connect ground cable as follows:
h. Remove and retain wing nut (1, figure 2-5) and washer (2) from trailer ground stud (4) and position
ground cable terminal (3) on ground stud.
(2) Install washer (2) on ground stud (4).
(3) Thread wing nut (1) on the ground stud (4) and tighten.
(4) Install ground cable end into ground cable clamp (5) and tighten clamp screw (6).
ENSURE that the ground cable from the Switch Box Assembly is properly connected to the
trailer ground stud.
i. Disassemble slide hammer as follows:
(1) Remove nut (6, figure 2-4) from end of ground rod (4) and retain.
(2) Remove hammer (5) from rod and thread nut (6) on end of rod to prevent loss.
(3) Store hammer and rod with assembled parts in accessory box.


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