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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1 Removal from Parallel Operation.
If necessary to move a generator set which has been operating in parallel with another
generator set, shut down remaining generator set connected to the load, prior to removing
load and ground cables. Failure to observe this warning can result in injury or death by
Prior to removal of generator set from parallel operation, make sure load does not exceed
full load rating of generator set remaining on line. Failure to observe this caution can result
in damage to generator set.
a. At the control panel of the generator set that is to be taken off line, position AC CIRCUIT
INTERRUPTER switch (4, figure 2-8) in the OPEN position until indicator light (14) goes out.
b. Set UNIT-PARALLEL switch (10) to UNIT.
c. On the switch box, place the input switch S1 or S2 (7 or 8), for the generator set that is to be taken off
line in the OFF (down) position. (At switch box, indicator lights DS 1 or DS2 (5 or 6) for the generator
shut down should be off).
d. Rotate MASTER switch (1) to OFF position.
e. At the control panel of the operating generator set, place the UNIT-PARALLEL switch (10) to UNIT.
f. Perform the PMCS listed as AFTER in Table 2-2 for the generator set that was shut down. Load Transfer Procedures (Sets connected for parallel operation).
In this procedure, generator set one is started first and generator set two is started second.


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