Quantcast Load Transfer Procedures (Sets connected for parallel operation).

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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
a. One generator set should already be on line and supplying power to the load.
b. For the generator set not running, perform the PMCS listed as BEFORE in table 2-2.
c. On operating generator set, set UNIT-PARALLEL switch (10, figure 2-9) to PARALLEL.
d. Start generator set. Adjust voltage and frequency to match generator set.
e. At switch box, set generator set input switch S1 or S2 (7 or 8) to ON (up) (Switch box indicator lights
DS1 (5) and DS2 (6) should be lit).
f. At generator set control panel:
(1) Set UNIT-PARALLEL switch (10) to PARALLEL
If synchronizing lights on generator set do not go bright and dark in unison, the phasing is
wrong. Shut down generator sets and check that load cables are connected properly.
Failure to observe this caution can result in damage to generator sets.
(2) Increase frequency until SYNCHRONIZING LIGHTS (11) blink together one or more times per
(3) Decrease remain frequency until SYNCHRONIZING LIGHTS (11) blink together as slow as
possible. Lights should OFF for at least 5 to 6 seconds.
(4) While both synchronizing lights are dark, position and hold AC CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER switch
(4) of generator set in the closed position until indicator light comes on. SYNCHRONIZING
LIGHTS (11) should go out (both generators are now operating in parallel).
g. Once both of the generator sets are on line and supplying power to the load in parallel, perform the
following steps to transfer the load.
(1) At the control panel of the generator set that is to be taken off line, set the AC CIRCUIT
INTERRUPTER switch (4) to the OPEN position. Set UNIT-PARALLEL switch (10) to UNIT,
(2) At the control panel of the running generator set, place the UNIT-PARALLEL switch (10) to UNIT.
The load has now been transferred.
(3) Turn input switch S1 or S2 (7 or 8) OFF (down).
(4) At the switch box, DS 1 or DS2 (5 or 6) indicator light for generator set being taken off line should
go off
h. Perform the generator PMCS listed as DURING for generator set and AFTER for generator set.


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