Quantcast Disconnecting Ground Cable and Ground Rod

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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
Impact disk must be tightened to end of threads on rod. Also, lock washer and nut must be
tightened firmly against impact disk. Failure to observe this warning could result in severe
personal injury and/or death and damage to the equipment.
(6) Remove slide hammer (5, figure 2-15) from accessory box.
(7) Install impact disk (3) on rod (4). Tighten impact disk to end of threads on rod.
(8) Install lock washer (2) and nut (1). Tighten nut and lock washer securely against impact disk.
Nut (6) must be removed before positioning hammer.
(9) Position hammer (5) on rod (4). Install nut (6) and tighten to end of threads on rod (4).
(10) Connect slide hammer (9) end to ground rod coupler (7).
(11) Using slide hammer, pull ground rod out of the ground until the second coupler is exposed.
(12) Disconnect top ground rod section from second ground rod coupler (7).
(13) Disconnect slide hammer (9) from top of ground rod section.
(14) Repeat steps 7 through 10 for the second and third ground rod sections.
(15) Remove couplers (7) from each ground rod section (8).
(16) Clean ground rod sections (8) and couplers (7).
(17) To disassemble slide hammer, remove nut (6, figure 2-15) from end of ground rod (4) and retain.
(18) Remove hammer (5) from rod and thread nut (6) on end of rod to prevent loss.
(19) Store hammer and rod with assembled parts in accessory box.


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