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TM 9-8000
diesel engine is continuous throughout the power stroke.
port. As the piston reaches top dead center, the exhaust
This contrasts with a gasoline engine,  which has a
valve closes and the intake valve opens. The engine is
power stroke with rapid combustion in the beginning and
now ready to begin another operating cycle.
little or no combustion at the end.
c. Advantages.
(4)  Exhaust (D, Fig.  2-19).  As the piston
reaches bottom dead center on the power stroke, the
(1) The diesel engine is much more efficient
power stroke ends and the exhaust stroke begins. The
than a gasoline engine. This is due to the much tighter
exhaust valve opens and the piston pushes the burnt
compression of the fuel and air mixture.  The diesel
gases out through the exhaust
engine produces tremendous


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