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TM 9-8000
Figure 2-47. Fresh Air Intake System
c.  Effect of Compression Ratio. As the com-
pistons with domes, or by shaving material off of
the surface of the cylinder head as shown in figure
pression ratio is increased, the mixture is
2-50. Both of these actions will serve to reduce
squeezed into a tighter space. This means that
the volume of the combustion chamber, raising
there is a higher initial pressure at the start of the
the compression ratio. The limiting factor when
power stroke and that the burning gases have
increasing compression ratio is finding a fuel that
further to expand. For these reasons, any
will not ignite itself from the heat of compres-
increase in compression ratio will effect an
sion, causing detonation. Detonation is covered
increase in engine power output. Passenger car
in detail in paragraph 4-40.
engines that are modified for competition usually
receive a boost in compression ratio by installing
Figure 2-48. Port Design Consideration.


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