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TM 9-8000
Figure 4-4. Bladder-Type Fuel Cell.
Figure 4-6. Fuel Filter Operation.
c. Operation (Fig. 4-6). Fuel filters operate by passing the
d. Fuel Filter Configurations. The various types of fuel
fuel through a porous filtering medium. The openings in
filters are:
the porous material are very small and, as a result, any
particles In the fuel that are large enough to cause
(1) Replaceable In-Line Filter (A, Fig. 4-7). This type of
problems are blocked. In addition to the filtering medium,
filter Is periodically replaced. The body of the filter acts
the filter in most cases also serves as a sediment, bowl.
as sediment bowl.
The gasoline, as It passes through the filter, spends
enough time In the sediment bowl to
(2) In-line Filter Elements that Fit In the Carburetor
allow large particles and water to settle out of it.
Inlet or Inside the Fuel Tank on the
Figure 4-5. Typical Fuel Filter Locations.


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