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TM 9-8000
c.  Dry Type (Fig. 4-20).  The dry-type air filter
a. The carburetor mixes fuel and air Into the correct
proportions for the most efficient use by the engine. The
passes the Incoming air through a filtering medium
carburetor also must constantly vary the mixture
before it enters the engine.
The filtering medium
proportions to meet the engine's needs as Its speed and
consists of oil-soaked copper mesh or replaceable
load requirements vary.
pleated paper, the latter being the most common.
b. The carburetor regulates engine speed and power
4-7.  Carburetor.  The carburetor will be discussed,
system by system, In paragraphs 4-13 thru 4-24.  It
serves the following basic functions:
c. The carburetor atomizes the fuel as it mixes it with
the air (para 4-9e).
Figure 4-17. Water Heated Intake Manifold


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