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TM 9-8000
d.  Controlling pump discharge (Fig. 4-36).  The
(5) At the same moment, the inlet check ball is
pulled off its seat and gasoline is pulled into the pump
linkage between the accelerator pumpa6-hd the throttle
chamber from the float bowl
cannot be solid. If it were, the pump would act as a
damper, not allowing the throttle to be opened and closed
(6) The pump chamber is filled with gasoline and
readily. The linkage usually activates the pump through
ready to discharge whenever the throttle valve Is opened.
a slotted shaft or some- thing similar. When the throttle
is closed, the pump Is held by its linkage. When the
c. Diaphragm Pump (Fig. 4-35). The diaphragm-
throttle is opened, the pump is activated by being pushed
type pump system works just like the piston type with the
down by a spring that is called a duration spring. The
exception of the pump design, which is a flat rubber
tension of the duration spring controls the length of time
By flexing this diaphragm, a pressure
that the injection of fuel lasts. The spring is calibrated to
differential is created that results In pump action.
specific applications.  Too much spring pressure will
cause fuel to be discharged too quickly, resulting in
reduced fuel economy.  Too little spring pressure will
cause fuel to be discharged too slowly, resulting In
engine hesitation.
Figure 4-35. Diaphragm Accelerator Pump.
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