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TM 9-8000
Figure 4-41. Engine Coolant Heated Choke.
integrated with the choke heating system as shown in
adjustable to obtain the proper choke valve opening.
figure 4-45. This Is done by putting the choke piston Into
The lever on the choke shaft is slotted so it will not
the choke housing. As manifold vacuum pulls the piston
interfere with full choke valve opening.
open, controlled leakage around the piston allows the
(4) Two-Stage Choke Pulloff (Fig. 4-47).  A
same vacuum source to pull in heated air for the choke.
variation of the choke pulloff Is the two-stage choke
(3) Remote Choke Pulloff (Flg. 4-46).  The
pulloff that has a spring-loaded telescoping pull rod. The
remote choke pulloff is the most common con- figuration
choke valve, in the beginning, will be pulled open only
In current automotive design.  It Is made from either
partially. As the thermostatic coil heats and relaxes, it
metal or plastic and uses a rubber diaphragm that pulls
will be overcome by the pressure of the spring on the
the choke open through linkage.
The linkage is
Figure 4-42. Well-Type Exhaust Heated Choke


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