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TM 9-8000
Figure 4-46. Remote Choke Pulloff.
is fitted with a fast idle cam that is operated by linkage
(1) As the throttle valve is fully opened, the
from the choke. The fast idle cam operates by holding
projection on the throttle lever contacts the projection on
the throttle valve open.  As the choke valve gradually
the fast idle cam.
opens, the cam rotates, gradually reducing idle speed.
(2) The throttle lever, through the fast idle cam,
h. Choke Unloader (Fig. 4-49). If for some reason
then pulls the choke valve open a measured amount.
the engine should flood when it is cold, a device is
needed to open the choke so that air may be admitted to
4-20. Multiple-Venturi Carburetion.
correct the condition. The device that accomplishes this
is the choke unloader.  The choke unloader usually
a.  General.  A multiple-venturi or multiple- barrel
consists of a projection from the fast idle cam that
carburetor is really a carburetor that has two or four
interacts with the throttle linkage. The operation is as
separate single-venturi carburetors arranged in a cluster
Figure 4-47. Two Stage Choke Pulloff.


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