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TM 9-8000
Figure 4-64. Electronic-Timed Injection.
(5) Throttle valve position
4-27.  Continuous  Fuel  Injection  (Fig.  4-65).
Continuous fuel Injection systems provide a continuous
(6) Intake manifold airflow.
spray of fuel from each injector at a point in the Intake
port located just before each intake valve. Because the
The computer receives this Information and uses it to
entrance of the fuel into the cylinder is controlled by the
calculate the amount of fuel delivered at each Injection
intake valve, the continuous system will fulfill the
cycle. The computer is capable of changing the rate of
requirements of a gasoline engine.  Timed Injection
fuel delivery to the engine hundreds of times a second,
systems, though a necessity on diesel engines, are
making the system extremely accurate. The computer
costlier than continuous systems and are used on
regulates the amount of fuel delivered by varying the
gasoline engines only when more precise fuel metering
duration of Injector operation.
is desired. In the continuious system, fuel is delivered


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