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TM 9-8000
Figure 4-74. Velocity-Vacuum Governor-Type II
(1)  When the engine speed is below the
the vacuum unit to limit engine speed.
governed maximum, the governor valve is held open by
b. Vacuum Unit. The vacuum unit is basically a
the valve spring. This allows atmospheric pressure to
bleed into the valve and, through the governor vacuum
diaphragm with a rod connecting It to the throttle valve
line, equalize pressure in the vacuum unit. The vacuum
shaft.  When pressure is equal above and below the
unit is Ineffective in this position.
diaphragm, the governor spring pulls the diaphragm rod
into a nongoverning position.  When pressure drops
(2)  As engine speed approaches the governed
under the diaphragm, as dictated by the governor valve,
maximum, the governor valve is seated by centrifugal
atmospheric pressure will push the diaphragm down
force against the valve seat. This shuts off atmospheric
against the force of the governor spring, causing the
pressure to the lower part of the vacuum unit allowing
diaphragm rod to pull the throttle valves toward the
vacuum passages from the carburetor to reduce
closed position. This effectively will limit engine speed.
pressure. Atmospheric pressure In the upper part of the
vacuum unit will then push the diaphragm down, causing


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